What is Enactus?

We are a worldwide known organization active in 37 countries that enables students to realize their ideas into projects that could run for years. We focus our project on SDG’s in order to create a positive social impact on the world🌍

We develop ourselves into responsible leaders for the future with a vision of creating a better world for everyone. How do we make an impact? By taken action and creating our ideas into projects that make an impact💡

'Enactus makes the world a better place'

We believe in investing in students who take ENtrepreneurial ACTion for others creates a better world for US all.


Anyone can be a leader! You can take the lead and make that change. Develop yourself into a responsible leader for the future!


We are tired of people just stating the problems in our world but not taking action. With Enactus, you can take action and making a difference together


It is all about us. Together we are stronger and can make a bigger impact! We learn and help each other to get to that finish line!

Meet our team

Get to know us and the individuals behind Enactus Twente. We want to inspire you to do the same and let us show us our passion!

Visit Us

  • Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede, 7522NB
  • enactus.utwente@gmail.com
  • enactus.twente
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